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Bright Bay / 155am / 2017
APTO Approved for Breeding

Umberto has inherited the strength and beauty of his ancestors from the Guardiola Line. 

Beautiful horses with a Baroque stature, wide chest with a strong back and loin.  

His stature enables him to be powerful and compact.



Dam  - Quimica de Millan - Yeguada Millán Herce


Her, father and great grandfather are two if the most important stallions of the Yeguada Guardiola Stud, Barquito and Centella V  


Barquito   -  a Purebred Spanish Stallion certified as a breed improver by Ancce, for having passed on the characteristics of the Guardiola line to his descendants.  A very good stallion, leaving a legacy of more than 120 offspring and mating up to his death in 2018.   In the photos he was 25 years old, he was a long-lived horse and longevity is one of the characteristics of Guardiola horses


Centella V - is considered to be one of the most important stallions in the history of the Andalusian Horse and is our most emblematic stallion. An extraordinary horse, with great power and strength.  Champion of Spain in SICAB in 1987 and Trophy of the Junta de Andalucía and the Real Maestranza. 



Sire - Hebreo XIX - Yeguarda Escalera 


In his time, Hebreo XIX managed 7 consecutive years in the top classifications of the Spanish championships. With beauty, bone and exceptional movement he is one of the stallions with the most decorated offspring today.  Examples include; 

  • Libertado IV - two gold medals in the Spanish Championships 

  • Triunfador XXIV with two gold medals in the Spanish Championship

Tremendo-lineage optimised


All of our Stallions are available through Stallion AI Services in Shropshire. 

Fresh semen is available for mares in the vicinity.  Chilled semen can be distributed throughout the UK.

Frozen semen is also available.

Umberto III Stallion


Terms & Conditions

 - Stud Fee £450

 - Payable at heartbeat scan

 - Live foal guarantee

 - Available through Stallion AI Services -  

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